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Dr. Lynn Martin

To promote and protect the equine industry in Missouri. 

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Kelly Smith

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Missouri Horse Council 


Debbie Birk


Sherry Copeland


Stacie Smith


Melody Canote

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Cindy K Roberts

Our Purpose: To promote the general welfare of equine organizations through a unified approach of communication, education and advocacy. What does this mean? We are an organization of organizations. Members can and should include breed associations, show associations, industry trade groups, equine related businesses and entities. It is our aim that through coordinated communication we can strengthen each other. We believe there is strength in numbers. The equine industry is large but quite fragmented. We want to bring all stakeholders together to provide one voice for Missouri's equine industry. The benefits are numerous, including a stronger voice in economic development initiatives, promoting equine education, improving communication of health threats and unifying a strong voice in political discussions and voting.  For more information email

Past Chair

Joe Eddy

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